Glasgow Parkour Creative focuses on using the discipline of Parkour to create specialist Parkour projects, artistic work, media and visual content.

  • Training for theatrical performers
  • Bespoke Dance and Theatre Collaboration
  • Media,Web and Viral Content
  • Large-Scale Events
  • Cross-discipline Projects
  • Parkour Consultancy

We have a particular focus on working with young people and leading community engagement projects. We believe that Parkour has more to offer as an art form than simply an aesthetic and focus on trying to capture the experiences of the people that we work with in peformance.
The team as worked across virtually every local authority in Scotland from Dumfries to Shetland as well as further afield, teaching and performing in the UK,Europe, the US and the Carribean.
We are world leaders in using Parkour as an engagement tool through the arts, working with companies such as National Theatre of Scotland, Scottish Ballet, Mercedes Citan, Architecture and Design Scotland, MTV, Know the Score and Manifesto J:A among others.