Glasgow Parkour Coaching is directed by Chris Grant, a veteran of the UK Parkour community and founder of GPC and Roots of Movement. The group is made up of a diverse range of coaches and each has been hand-picked by Chris for their extremely high standard of knowledge, training and teaching.
A number of the coaches hold the ADAPT Parkour Coaching Qualification. As a group, the coaches are unrivalled in Scotland in their experience and are widely seen as the ambassadors of the Glasgow Parkour Community.
Most importantly, the group have close relationships and are well-matched for working together across any training or teaching environment.

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CHRIS GRANT has been practicing Parkour for over 8 years and has been integral in the growth of the community in Glasgow and Scotland particularly by founding in 2004, Glasgow Parkour Coaching in 2007 and setting up Roots of Movement with Peter McKee of Coatbridge Parkour.
He runs Glasgow Parkour Coaching full time and has been responsible for setting up numerous school and community group classes, a permanent youth academy, outdoor adult classes and the first weekly girl's class in the UK.

He is seen as an authority on Parkour coaching in Scotland and works regularly all over Scotland as well as teaching around the UK and Europe.
He has learned and trained with most of the original practitioners of the art and is extremely passionate about bringing his knowledge to the wider community through grassroots teaching.
Chris has also been responsible for leading the way on many artistic projects with GPC working with National Theatre of Scotland, Scottish Ballet and Bright Night International, setting the standard for collaboration with Parkour and the Arts. You can download Chris's Individual C.V here

After training with ParkourGenerations and the Yamakasi Scott moved to Glasgow in January 2010 to work with GPC full-time.

Along with Chris he helps to develop new projects and coaches full-time at all the weekly classes and various other projects. He is also a prolific performer bringing movement skills to a number of theatre and dance projects including Bright Night International's JAMP and a dance performance 9-2-5 at the Edinburgh Mela.

SCOTT HOUSTON learned many different physical disciplines and sports from the age of five, including Gymnastics and Martial Arts in his home town of Preston.
He discovered Parkour in 2004 and family connections in Glasgow led him to meet Chris as the Glasgow Parkour community was first forming back in 2005. His constant presence in the Glasgow community over the years has made him a welcome addition and extremely valuable member of the GPC team.
A veteran of the scene, Scott has a very broad skill set which is apparent in the diversity of his movement and in his coaching.
You can find more info on Scott's other work as a movement artist at

OMERCAN CIRIT hails from Istanbul and discovered Parkour in Glasgow 5 years ago while studying at Art School.
Training with Chris and Zeno from his first day, he very quickly developed his strength and technique and became a prominent character in the Glasgow Parkour Community. In his first two years he regularly travelled to London to gain insight from members of ParkourGenerations and the Yamakasi and developed a very open and diverse style of movement and an artistic attitude towards the discipline.

His classes are known for being very creative and his strength training has led to a few very bleary-eyed, worn out students at the Adult classes where he coaches regularly.
After assisting at classes Omercan took to coaching very quickly and joined the GPC team in Summer 2009 and is now working more regularly since graduating.
He is also taking on more creative and performance projects with various circus and theatre companies.

ANGIE RUPP , originally from Germany, moved to Glasgow in 2005 and joined the Women?s Parkour Class in it?s first week in 2008.
Her gymnastics background allowed her to develop her Parkour movement quickly and naturally and outside of classes she trains alongside the other Glasgow Parkour Girlsas well as helping to organise girls? jams and recruit new students.
Like John, Angie provided important feedback in the early days of the Women?s class which allowed Chris to structure the class to work best for the students.
Angie is the only woman in Scotland to currently hold the ADAPT qualification and regularly leads the women's class.

GAVIN 'ZENO' WATSON has been a Parkour practitioner for around 6 years and his existing mental and physical discipline allowed him to progress extremely quickly. He has trained rigorously with Chris since his initial interest and been involved in coaching work for around 4 years.
Zeno has over 10 years experience in fitness training and his broad knowledge of physical training allows him to integrate diverse exercises into his teaching. He has created strength and conditioning videos which have been recognised as a valuable learning tool by Parkour communities worldwide.

Zeno's online blogs and media are a valuable resource on Parkour and his enthusiasm for teaching and meeting new practitioners is second to none.
This enthusiasm coupled with his quick wit makes him a valuable member of GPC and a prominent member of the Glasgow community.

Zeno is also a keen and talented photographer and you can see his work at

Mick trains regularly in London and is a well known face at Parkour Generations' Rendezvous events.
His friendly and good-natured attitude makes him very approachable as a coach and his strength sessions and class warm-ups have earned him a reputation as a very hard worker who can really push his students to reach their best and their most tired!.

MICK MCKEEN has been practicing Parkour for about 8 years. He began to train regularly with GPC about 4 years ago and has been a welcome addition to Glasgow Parkour Coaching since October 2008.
He has a martial arts background and has helped with teaching in various disciplines before joining GOC. This previous coaching experience has allowed him to fit into the team very quickly and he has become a regular coach at the Adult Outdoor classes as well as leading the Youth Academy with Chris.
Hailing from just outside Glasgow in East Dunbartonshire, Mick has also been an important resource to the community in his local area and has been essential in it's development.

DAVID BANKS , orginally from Aberdeen, has been training for 6 years and moved to Glasgow in 2008 to Study at the Royal School of Music and Drama.
He is also heavily involved in the community in Aberdeen, running Aberdeen Parkour since summer 2013.

His movement disciplines include MMA, Boxing, B.J.J. , Yoga and Physical Theatre and he has incorporated Parkour into some of the work on his Contemporary Performance Practice course at RSAMD.
David is a believer in the power and strength of the Parkour Community in helping people and in 2011 completed an 8 mile cat crawl around Glasgow City Centre with the help of the local community to raise thousands of pounds for the Haiti earthquake disaster.

David helped to launch and teach an outdoor Parkour Class for RSAMD students in winter 2010 and regularly delivers session mixing Parkour with performing arts and Theatre. David holds the ADAPT qualification.

PAUL SAYER Paul is the youngest member of the group but has been practicing for about 8 years, starting at just 12, training around Glasgow University and meeting Chris just as the community was starting out.
He has appeared at almost every jam and event since the inception of Glasgow Parkour and has been a big influence on the development and growth of the community by always helping and encouraging new traceurs to practice and train hard.
He is a very experienced traceur who has been around since the birth of the Scottish community and his approachable attitude and willingness to help led him to become a member of the GPC team in 2009.

Paul has assisted at many of the GPC events as well as providing insights into his knowledge for various media projects and also provided a case study for GPC?s work with ?Know The Score? in 2010.
He is also our in-house film maker - providing all the media content for our youtube channel and website.

JOHN FLANAGAN started training with the very first GPC Outdoor Class in 2008 and on top of coming to every class, he started training with Chris and Omercan regularly outside of classes.
This constant training allowed John to progress quickly and he became a prominent student at the classes very early on. He also helped with the development and growth of the Outdoor Classes in their early stages and provided Chris with student feedback about how the classes should run which helped shape their current structure.

John works as a teacher and is very passionate about working with young people which led him to help out a few of GPC?s Youth events and jams.
He Joined GPC in early 2010 after assisting at various youth classes and Jams over Summer 2009.