GPC has access to a network of movement practitioners from a wealth of discplines such as circus, acrobatics, dance and theatre. We can also provide in house photography and film-making services from ZENO WATSON and PAUL SAYER who have also been part of our core coaching team since the beginning .

We are experienced in bringing together bespoke teams for each project's needs. You can see some examples of our work on the PORTFOLIO page.

Glasgow Parkour Creative is managed by Chris Grant, a veteran of the UK Parkour community and founder of GPC and Roots of Movement. Chris has been training Parkour for over 10 years and has been fundamental in bringing Parkour into the Arts on a number of pioneering projects. As a group, the team are unrivalled in Scotland in their experience and are widely seen as the original ambassadors of the Glasgow Parkour Community.
Most importantly, the group have close relationships and are well-matched for working together across any creative environment.